Monday, October 29, 2007

I've been pretty busy!

I've had a busy past couple of weeks! Baby Oliver was born last Tuesday, October 23! He is quite an angel and I am loving every minute of having him home. Here he is:

I am also happy to report that Oliver's blankie is finally finished. I didn't get it done in time for his arrival - he did come a little early - but it is done now! Overall, I am very pleased with the way it turned out and it is another example of how changing the recommended yarns can work just fine!

I used Berroco's Endora pattern and the only modifications I made were, of course, using different yarns. The cabled part was done in a brushed acrylic yarn bought at JoAnn's. The edging was done in Riot Eyelash, a Yarn Bee brand from Hobby Lobby. I was a tiny bit displeased with the slight ruffling effect on the ends, due to picking up a few too many stitches. I'm happy enough with it though.

I have three WIPs rolling along at the moment, but I must admit that Oliver steals my attention, so the projects are sitting on the back burner right now. I am really excited about a purse I am working on for my best friend right now, and that should be done really soon.

Friday, October 5, 2007

At least its Friday....

Good Lord! What a morning it has been so far. The day actually started out okay, and I was a few minutes ahead of schedule. I was excited about stopping for coffee, and looking forward to enjoying it as I checked emails after arriving at work. I got my coffee, got to work, and walked up to my desk. I was waiting to drink the coffee until I sat down. As I placed the cup on the desk, it tipped over and the entire cup spilled all over the place! The $4.46 coffee, which I didn't even get one taste of, is currently mocking me as it's scent wafts up from the carpet of my office. Bastard.

I wont even go into my (pregnancy) hormone-filled rage that followed the above incident, other than to say that I almost threw my chair off of the mezzanine and on to the warehouse floor below. Now, I am moving on and trying to approach the remainder of my morning with calmness. hummmmmm.....

I went to the doc yesterday and, shockingly, I am still pregnant. I have been so ready to have my little Oliver and get back to being me again! I finally realized last night, with a sense of urgency, that I've let my anticipation cloud the reality that I still have to make preparations for our new little one. I have assigned myself the task of having a complete nursery set up to come home from the hospital and I haven't even started it yet. Four weeks and counting.......hummmmmm....

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oliver's blankie

I am so happy that I finally casted on for Oliver's blankie. He will be here in about four weeks, so I have just enough time to finish it. After toying with the idea of combining a few different cable techniques and not being satisfied with anything, I opted to just use a pattern. I found this on Berroco's website:

Isn't it cute??? I am using different yarns than the pattern calls for. The cabled part is a very light green brushed acrylic yarn, so it is slightly fuzzy. The yarn I bought for the edges is this:

I've knit with this yarn before and was most pleased with it, so I'm hoping it works out for this blanket!