Saturday, November 15, 2008

Old Penny, Finished!

Earlier this week, I finally finished my Old Penny cardigan! I really enjoyed this project despite being paranoid that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish. In the end, I was left with over a half a skein of yarn and I probably could have gotten away with knitting the XS. Nevertheless, its finished and I love it!

The knitting of this sweater was really only half the battle. Blocking, seaming, and finishing felt like it took just as long. Out of anything I have ever knit, this project required the most amount of finishing. That collar and button band drug on forever! But I've come to the conclusion that even though "building" the sweater takes extra time, it produces a much more professional piece. Seamless projects offer more instant gratification, but in my opinion, seams give knitted items more structure, and in the end, I am more gratified with the result.

I may still add the snaps suggested in the pattern. I am also considering using my sewing machine to add buttonholes (again, more structure than ones knitted-in IMO).


  • Yarn: Queensland Kathmandu DK, color 423, just over 7 skeins
  • Mods: Blocked and seamed all pieces before picking up stitches for the collar, added cables up the back

A few knitters pointed out on Ravelry that there are several errors in the pattern. The pattern itself is pretty vague, and from the other Vogue patterns I have read, they are NOT for the beginner knitter. I found something else that no one else mentioned about the short rows for the shawl collar. I studied the picture of the sweater on the model in the magazine, and it appears that the YO increases begin on the front of the sweater where the v-neck begins, not at the sleeves as written. This isn't that huge of a deal, except it changes the way the collar lays on the neck.

The only thing I wish I could change about it is the sleeves. No wonder they took so long to knit! They are slightly too long and too wide at the top of the arm. I believe this to be a design element, judging from the model. However, they are very comfortable and will easily accomodate another shirt underneath, making it more usable in the cold.

As I promised myself, I am busy finishing a baby blanket. She is not due until the beginning of December, but several circumstances have led the doctors to plan a C-section for the 24th of the month. Just over a week left to finish! I'll be done.

I am also very excited to announce that I am currently writing up a tutorial for the September Sweater. So many people on Ravelry have asked for a pattern. I really didn't want to go through the time and stress of a bonafide pattern, but I am giving detailed instructions and notes regarding the construction. You guys won't believe how easy it is! Hopefully I will be ready to share the .pdf by mid-week.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting Back Into the Swing.....

Even though I have not been feeling well, I can't manage to find the time to rest. This time of year my knit creativity meter won't simmer down! I stayed home yesterday and between taking care of my one year old, who has an ear infection, and getting him to the doctor, I almost finished the sleeves for the Old Penny Cardigan. I'm planning on blocking tonight, and depending on how long it takes to dry, I may be seaming this weekend. In my past experiences, the pieces don't take very long to dry. I am excited to finish it up, because I just found what I want to try to knit next:

This sweater is from Fossil (I had no idea they made clothing!). It's called Lucy and I think it's adorable! I have some Plymouth Tweed in this color:

I bought the yarn hoping to knit the Central Park Hoodie. Even though so many people have knit it, I think the basic hoodie sweater is simply a good item to have in the cold-weather wardrobe. I have been hesitant, so maybe this sweater will be a good alternative??

But first I must finish a baby blanket that I am running out of time on. The baby is due in four weeks and I know that if I don't want to be totally stressed out, I should pick it back up.

Next time, hopefully I'll have an FO to share!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Geez, I'm a slacker!

To put it lightly - I stink at this blogging concept. I haven't posted anything in almost eight months! I am resolving to be better at this. I have thought about updating so many times, only to become discouraged about the amount of catching up I need to do!

So, I have decided that I am not going to play the catch-up game. I think back tracking would be a waste of time. Who wants to read old stuff?

I do have one project for which I intend to post details and someday, even a pattern! Here she is, September Sweater.

Back in August, I saw a cardigan in Buckle that I liked a lot. It was cheap - I could have definitely afforded it. But it was acrylic. I don't know why I have suddenly developed an aversion to sweaters made with synthetic fibers. They just don't last. Besides, I was up for the challenge of knitting it myself! To me, that is the best part of knitting - a challenging project is so much more rewarding than a thrown-together quickie.
Anyway, I got the some ideas on how this could work from this Drops Blouse and the Sideways Spencer, and casted on. If there was one thing that kept me going, it was patience. I knew what I wanted from this project, and if a mistake was made, I corrected it. I didn't give myself a time frame, so there was no pressure.

The details:
  • Yarn: LionBrand Fisherman's Wool, in natural brown, 2 skeins
  • Needles: US 7
  • Began: August 10
  • Finished: October 6

There are some other details here on Ravelry. Now I realize why I stopped blogging - I put all the details in Ravelry.

Pattern to come, someday.