Friday, December 5, 2008

Progress / Unprogress

I was so excited last night to begin the final finishing process on my much-thought-about Bianca cardigan. Since I am not working with a pattern, its a little nerve-racking to see if it will turn out right in the end. And, I'll admit, I acutally like the finishing process. It's all about the process.

Last night, however, a bit of that excitement turned to frustrated defeat. Maybe I was just a little too excited to finish. Or, perhaps my multitasking is to blame: I was trying to talk on the phone with family, watch tv, and knit all at the same time. Either way, I picked up stitches along the front for the button bands, and ended up with way too many stitches. After knitting for four inches and casting off, I realized what I had done. I immediately frogged the section, as if quickly disposing of the evidence would make me feel better about the hours I wasted.
This morning I feel better about it, and when I pick it back up this evening, I'll be more attentive to it.

I did manage to take some pics this morning:

Maybe tomorrow, I'll be able to share modeled shots.

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