Sunday, August 30, 2009

Slow Going

These past couple of weeks have left me feeling like I'm stuck in a strange sort of time warp. The daily grind keeps me so incredibly busy that by the time I sit down and breathe, I realize it's almost eleven at night. If I didn't swear about how much I need to have my creative outlets, I might actually realize that on some days, there isn't enough time fore me to make any real commitments to them. Nevertheless, I must create! Who knows, maybe I'm crazy that I manage to steal a few minutes each day to work on something that is only for me...

My new sweater finally has a name! I've decided to call it Rena. Unfortunately, this project has been pretty slow on the needles this past week. I was so hoping to be over the half-way mark by this point. The drive is definitely there but the time simply isn't. I am taking notes (good ones, so far) on my work. If nothing else, it keeps me on track with what I've done since I've had to take so many breaks on this one. Usually when I get really involved with a project, I put other duties on the backburner. I've been reluctant to do that lately because I hate the thought of housework piling up, especially laundry.

Anyway, here's a peek at where I'm at right now. I've casted off stitches for the neck shaping. At this point, I'm knitting the back yoke.

I'll more than likely do each sleeve separately and there will be a seam in the middle of the back where the two top pieces join. That's how the inspirational sweater is constructed, and It will be easier for me than continuing it in one piece.

By my next post, I will have a lot more of Rena to share!

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soknitpicky said...

Good luck! It's looking great so far!