Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Still Here....

....Though I haven't been doing any knitting. I feel ashamed as I type the words! Spring and summer are always such a ridiculously busy time for my household. It seems like everyone we know is ready to plan parties and trips and lately I've felt like begging to be sick just to have a day at home alone to rest. Well, no one wants to be sick, but I think I've made my point.

I will admit that the lack of creativity in my life has made me feel like I am definitely missing something. Corny as it may sound, my life is incomplete without it and I am in serious need for some needles. I do sincerely want to play with some hand-dyed yarn - I just need to get it started :)
Anyway, since I don't have any WIPs or FOs to show off, I'll share a few pics of a bachelorette bash I was at this past weekend. Totally random, I know.

I'm on the left below, with the bachelorette (it was an 80s themed soiree)

Til next time, I'm throwing pennies for some time to get something going!!


soknitpicky said...

Hi, Steph. Hope you get some breathing time and creativity time soon!

JennP said...

It's about time you write something!!!